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All livebearers and Halfbeaks. Guppys, Platys, Mollys. Auteurs: Michael Kempkes, Dipl. Biol. Frank Schäfer. AQUALOG.

The livebearers belong to the most popular and important fishes in the aquarium hobby. Almost anybody who ever got interested in keeping ornamental fishes sooner or later tended a livebearing species in his tank. Most certainly, the quite easy to breed offspring of these fishes tempted many hobbyists not only to keep but also to breed ornamental fishes at home. Still, many aquarists do not know how incredibly variable these fishes are and how many different species indeed exist.

Many people think that livebearers are typical "beginner" fishes whose maintenance is absolutely unproblematic and whose breeding a "piece of cake". We would like to stress that this is not the case. Apart from few species, there are livebearing fishes that belong to the most difficult to keep in the hobby and whose reproductive patterns belong to the great mysteries of fish keeping.

Never before so many different varieties were included in one single voluyme. We show you all local varieties we could get hold of so that you can get an impression, how these wonderful fishes (still) do enrich the world we live in. Moreover, this AQUALOG contains more pictures of breeding forms than any other book on livebearers.
Alltogether, "AQUALOG - all Livebearers en Halfbeaks" presents nearly 2000 colour photographs of Goodeids (Goodeinae), Livebearers (Poeciliinae), Foureyes (Anablepidae) end Halfbeaks (Hemiramphidae).

Newly discovered or imported species and varieties will be published as supplementary stickers ('Stickups') in AQUALOGnews, the only international newspaper for for hobbyists. This way, readers can keep their AQUALOG books always up-to-date. The easily understandable symbol-text captions provide detailed information on origine, size, care instructions and other important characteristics of each featured species.

{Duits en engelstalig; meer dan 2000 kleurenfoto's; afmetingen (hxb): 29,5 x 21 cm ; 352 pagina's ; hardcover}

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